HOW MAY I HELP YOU? Each session is tailored to your needs. Whether it’s an issue you personally want to work through, understand, conquer, or heal. Or perhaps you have a habit that you just haven’t been able to beat. No matter what, I am here to help (Long Distance too!). During the first session (at either of my Los

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Why Hypnosis

WHAT IS HYPNOSIS? Hypnosis is an amazing tool that can help you to change any subconscious programming that may be working against you,  producing unhealthy outcomes and results in your life. Because hypnosis balances the mind and body in a way that is subtle yet extremely powerful, it can also bring relief from stress and bring relaxation to your body

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Myths & Hypnosis

MYTHS & MISCONCEPTIONS Since hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years, it has built up a certain reputation. Much of the population has a distorted view of this amazing tool for change. Below I will address a few of these myths and misconceptions so you can have a more clear understanding of what hypnosis is really all about. Myth

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Articles & Resources

Hypnosis and Hot Flashes

Great news! There is a new kind of help for women suffering from annoying and troublesome hot flashes – those moments of unbearable discomfort that almost drive a menopausal woman out of her mind! Baylor University in Texas just released this great study showing how effective clinical hypnotherapy can be in reducing hot flashes. This is exciting news and confirms

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Steps To Train and Hypnotize Your Ego Mind

Train and Hypnotize Your Mind – it’s easier than you think! What’s on your mind? Chance are a lot! And, not to be insulting, but often it is a lot of nothing; nothing but an endless train of thoughts that take us careening from one place to another. Just a few of the endearing names for the wild and crazy

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Anxiety and Its Origin

What is Anxiety and Where Does It Come From? Anxiety is a general term for a whole host of psychological disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying. These disorders include Phobias, Dread, Tension, Nervousness, Depression, Worry, Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. Basically the same emotion motivates all of these states of being, and this motivating emotion or feeling is

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Subconscious Programming

What It Is And How It Can Run Our Lives The subconscious or unconscious mind is able to both run and ruin our lives. In fact the mind is more tricky to deal with than we might think it is. More and more it is shown to be a proven fact that the subconscious is in control. This can become

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The Power Of Thoughts – It’s An Inside Job

Which came first? The Mind or the body? “I think, therefore I am” was a phrase accredited to the philosopher René Descartes (In French -  Je pense donc je suis and Latin – cogito ergo sum). However, many believe that he was not the first to coin the this phrase; it is often thought that the first utterance came from

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